S&AA exhibition at Galerie d’Architecture in Paris

The S&AA architecture agency bases its projects on integrating vegetables and green spaces. This eco-friendly conscience is part of their approach. In this scenography, we wanted this green initiative to be included to the gallery‘s space. Therefore, we worked with wood cuts on the presentation tables and counters. Even though the wood cuts were rough their layout was organized and constructed. The suspended plants echoes the wood work and gives to the staging a dimension of omnipresent lush nature.

Sceno_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-3 Sceno_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-10 Sceno_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio Sceno_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-4

To crown it all, we designed and realized a zenithal structure made out of 6000 Faber–Castell pencils. The brand sponsored us and allowed us to display 4 shades of green in a camouflage. By arranging the pencil tool this way, it becomes the symbol of the alliance between the architect’s drawing and the eco-friendly realizations of the S&AA agency. The presentation counters, the furniture and the zenithal structure has been completely created by us and made by the young craftsman studio Ateliers Seewhy.

Sceno_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-8 Sceno_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-6Sceno_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-7

Also, we designed S&AA’s visual identity for the event (banners, flyers, monograph and cartels) and kept the organic aspect of its work in a modular layout. photo © Quentin Crestinu | © FØLSOM Studio