Apartment remodeling, rue des Tournelles, Paris

This 55m2 apartment located near La place des Vosges in Paris was a remodeling project. Here, the idea was to create custom-made arrangements and rethink the entire space layout. This client had a passion for japan, so we wanted to combine his inspirations and contemporary lines. The whole apartment is meant to be elegant and uncluttered. The wardrobe is set as the major component of the apartment. Its drawing is punctuated by round shaped brass handles.  We wanted to bring forward it’s functional details as a decorative element. Our creations around the existing structures and our news design pieces have been made to preserve a harmony.  photo © FØLSOM Studio

2bis_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 3_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 4_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 5_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 6_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio appartement_tournelles

« To bring forward functional details as a decorative element. »

9_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 10_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 11_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 12_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio 13_appartement-tournelles_folsom-studio