S&AA architecture agency’s monograph

The S&AA agency’s monograph reflects its concerns. Its work is anchored in eco-friendly considerations. The agency’s goal is to recenter their projects on humanity. Enveloped in a dust-jacket poster cover, the monograph offers a plain entrance that leads faster to their work. Then, we get to a sensitive maturity that underlines S&AA’s green anchorage. To sum up, the typographic choices, between modernism & humanism, and the choice of a modular grid, supports the agency’s attachment to organic shapes. photo © FØLSOM Studio

Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-2 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-3 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-4 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-5 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-6 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-7 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-8 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-9 Monographie_SAA-FØLSOM_Studio-10